About Us

The Mediator Store™ is a division of Consensus Professional Development, LLC has been improving organizations’ performance by focusing on the development and success of individual employees since 2007.


In a fast and ever-changing world of commerce and eCommerce, companies must pay particular attention to achieving and maintaining a competitive and differentiating advantage. As technology expands and becomes more affordable the playing field for companies becomes more equalized, leaving the best opportunity to create and maintain that edge in the market in the development of human talent… the employees.


Our competitive advantage is our staff of Subject Matter Experts that bring an impressive professional development experience to your employees through a combination of expertise and education. Our staff and their well-honed skills set us apart from all of our competitors. They bring our robust workshops to life in a life-changing way that is second to none.


The Mediator Store™ is designed to provide initial training, professional development and "tools of the trade" to mediators and other professionals and is dedicated to the thousands of trainers and mediators we have trained and conspired with over the last several years.  The Mediator Store™ endeavors to make their professional practices simpler, more strategic, and profoundly effective in the lives of their constituents and colleagues.