Postponement & Cancellation Policy


Consensus reserves the right to postpone or cancel any training. To provide the very best group training environment for our clients we endeavor to conduct exercises and role plays that employ different skill sets of the training. In order to provide this environment, we require minimal enrollment/registration for all group courses, workshops and seminars. Group Training is defined as any course, workshop, seminar or webinar offered by Consensus that is not a private one-on-one training or coaching session. Group Training may consist of attendees from a single employer or organization, or a conglomeration of attendees from various employers or organizations.  If at any point prior to the actual commencement date of a group course, workshop, seminar or webinar, Consensus may postpone or cancel the training session if enrollment/registration for that course is below ten (10) confirmed trainees. Consensus will endeavor to notify each enrollee/registrant in the event of any such group training postponement and cancellation.


Because our trainees/clients are predominantly private individuals, we rely on a minimal enrollment of ten (10) confirmed trainees for all group training courses, workshops, seminars and webinars, and for such reasons Consensus offers no guarantee of refund for registration fees. In the event the confirmed enrollment for a given group training course, workshop, seminar or webinar is below the prescribed minimal, Consensus will work with enrollees/registrants to reschedule their registration/attendance to a future scheduled group training. Consensus extends this rescheduling opportunity indefinitely, considering that we offer each training program on multiple occasions throughout the year - in hopes of providing ample opportunity for the enrollee/registrant to reschedule. Consensus understands that exigent circumstances occur that may precipitate the need for an enrollee/registrant  to completely withdraw from a group training course, workshop, seminar or webinar. Consensus will consider each such exigent circumstances for a partial or full refund or registration fees on an individual basis, and only at the request of the client.